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                Trevor Davison's Grandmother Elizabeth Julia Davison (nee Bennert) at Aycliffe Munitions Factory



               Wheatley Hill Colliery Band outside Welfare Hall   



                 Presentation of new television at Aged Miners Homes  



                    Photo of BBC documentary of the 1926 Strike




                     Queen Elizabeth's Silver Jubilee celebrations in the village



                    Tom Bedford outside the pit       



                      Irene Alderton with friends, three photographs





                    Irene Alderton at the seaside with family and friends circa 1949  



                    Primitive Methodist Concert Party



                    Jack Local, Billy Cook and Terry Hagan's Grandfather Michael Hagan in the middle (circa 1950's).               




                    Extras for the BBC production of the 1926 Strike



                    Wheatley Hill Club 1950's



                   A trip to Brighton in the 1950's





                  Freda Blakemore and friend  






                Wellfield Class 1962



                Mr. Jim and Mrs. Molly Robinson with their son Richard (front) and Walter Fulcher at Big Meeting





                George and Stan Bannister with Grandparents (2 photographs)





                Steven Mitcheson (taken in October 1965), from George Bannister






                Thomas Kenny VC information and photographs from Joe Mulroy





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