Jim Cowie with with Bella and Jonathan Richardson circa 1914(from Robert Frampton)






                    Bella Richardson and brother Johnathan (from Robert Frampton)






                 Pit Canteen Staff 1949 (from Robert Frampton)



                  Robert Frampton with Aunt and Uncle at The Big Meeting 1964-65  




                   St Godricks School 1950



                     Rosy Rapids AFC 1909                             



                    Queen's Visit 1960




                    Ellen Morley with a Tom Walker and George Watson outside the Scout Hut         





                  Lynn Cook, Billy Cook and George Cook




                 Allan Hood at Scout Hut was at one time the blacksmith at The Forge  



                 George Watson at the Scout Hut one time butcher in the Front Street





                    Robert William Thornton not sure when or where it was taken





                      Tommy Taylorson at Wheatley Hill Sports Day circa. 1960(from Ray Errington)                 



                        Mrs Orchard with son Douglas (from Ray Errington)






                        R1956 Welfield Rugby Football Team (from Paul Robinson)




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If anyone has further information on these pictures please contact me at cooky08054@comcast.net