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              Nathan Simon Cook 1917 - 2012





                Kevin Gardner and Sister Jeanette



                Lynn Horridge's Mother, Edith and Grandmother Grace Cain(nee Cowie) 1928






             George Bannister's parents wedding at Patton Street 1947  



            Caroline (Carrie) Cramens wedding - George Bannisters Grandmothers niece, mid 1950'



            Cards from my Grandfather while in WW I and also rememberance Cards of the Cook family



             Mary Cowie - photograph from George Bannister





                Harry Bannister aged 3 years, George Bannister's father





                George Bannister's Great Aunt Ada Micheson(nee Bannister) and husband Steve with their grandchildren.




                John and Douglas Orchard in Dougs back garden



                Over 60's Concert Party 1950's (two photographs)



               Wedding photo of Laurie Turner and Freda Westgarth at W/Hill(From Albert Turner)  



               Wedding photo of Albert Turner and Jean Jordison at Thornley(From Albert Turner)



                Wedding photo of George Jordison and Gladys Brown at Thornley Chapel(From Albert Turner)



                Wedding photo of Dick Brown and Mona Jordan at Thornley Catholic Church(From Albert Turner)



                Jackie Kears, Laurie Turner, Ronnie Scott and Albert Turner(From Albert Turner)



                Billy Goynes, John Gair and Laurie Turner at Crimdon(From Albert Turner)




                WMargaret Smith, Gloria Carr and Laura Turner, Nursing together(From Albert Turner)



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