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        George Bannister's Great Grandfather John Bannister aged about 30years circa 1900's





            George Bannister's Great Grandmother Charlotte Ann Bannister (nee Andrew)





              Scout Camp 1949        



                Wellfield 2nd XV in 1956



                Wellfield Form 5B


                Wellfield 1st XV 1956-57



                 Bruce Lindsay and Ian in Merchant Navy(4 photographs)  






               Stan Turnbull's wedding day (circa 1951), from Bruce Lindsay



                Bruce Lindsay's future wife Jean Henderson with sister Margaret



                Sanderson Family (lived at 15th Street) from Una Hill (4 photographs)





                Tony Bean with Grandmother Margaret at Gowland Terrace plus Tony's family photographs




                Aileen Izzard (nee Frost) in Australia



                John Orchard taking care of the family Corgie       



                Wheatley Hill Prize Band 1933 from Edith Cormack (nee Charlton)



                Wheatley Hill Band at Pavilion from Edith Cormack (nee Charlton)



                Wheatley Hill Band in Garden from Edith Cormack (nee Charlton)



                Infants School 1919 from Edith Cormack (nee Charlton)



                  John Thomas Bell and Weardale Steel and Coke Co Lorry






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