Click on the images for a larger version of the pictures 


                    Wedding Party from George Bannister



                    Burrell Family from 1904 (From Tony Foster - three photographs)



                     Pearl Mitcheson and husband George Arthur Towler on their wedding day in 1952 (from George Bannister)              




                    Barry Fulcher, Russell Cooper and Walter Peacock at Durham Big Meeting 1963 (photo from Barry via Russel)




                    Jim Bean aged 7 years (three photos from Tony Bean)





                    Alan Jones with girlfriend and niece in Wingate Quarries and photos of Alan's dad Griff and sister Pauline





                Photos from Alan Jones showing his Mam and Dad with sister Pauline (three photos)





                Photos from Alan Jones of sister Pauline (three photos)





                Joseph Columbus Walker Parker (in dark dress) with mates from Jolly Boy Club (from Val A Tait)




                John and Joan Hogan(nee Young) wedding in 1955 outside Patton Street Church             



                Charlotte Ann Bannister shown "in service uniform" plus Nellie Preece (two photographs)






             Tommy Appleby at garden centre with son, son in law and friends  



            Photo of First World War unknown soldier with family from George Bannister's Photo Album  


            Elizabeth Waugh in garden at Quilstyle Road with Henderson Avenue in the backgrousnd (from Mike Hughie Gibson)



            Samuel Gibson with three sons (two photos from Hughie Gibson)



            Uncle Herbert taken WW 2 (three photos from Hughie Gibson)



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