Humphrey Owens and family


                    Church Fete circa 1960's



                    Embassy Factory Workers



                    Girls Football Team



                   Elsie Douglas




                Brain Childs with wife Lilian and Elsie Douglas at a fancy dress party at the Scout Hut





                Nativity Scene, from George Banister, not sure where it was located



                Old Christmas Cards from George Bannister






                Stan Frost....School photograph 1940





                Stan and Joyce Frost with Mr and Mrs Routledge




                George and Stan Frost at the Pigeon Cree circa 1932




                 Stan Frost and Friend at Blackpool July 1948



                    Stan Frost and Friend with Mr and Mrs Syson at Blackpool 28th July 1948



                Stan Frost and James Hackworth RASC Aldershot






                Outside Junior School entrance circa 1937



                Harry, Stan and George Bannister at Peterlee



                George Cook in his garden with one of his family members






                 Photographs of Mr Arthur Harris - Headmaster at W/Hill Boys Secondary Moderns School



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