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                    Ruby Robinson with daughter Joy (from George Bannister)




                     Photo from Ruby Robinson showing little boy (from George Bannister)      




                    Barry Fulcher and Janet Smith Wedding 1968 (from Allan Fulcher)





                    Ted Fulcher with sister Gladys in John Street (2 photos of Ted) - (from Allan Fulcher)






                    Una Gillens in her WRAF uniform during the War (Peter's Mam) - (from Peter Hollis)





                    Peter Hollis, aged 10 at the back of Alexandra Terrace




                  Eddie & Rose Cooper on holiday in Mississippi USA formerly of 3rd Street (from Allan Fulcher)  



                  Walter Fulcher (Allan's brother) shown in his school photograph circa 1949 (from Allan Fulcher)




                    Walter Fulcher with son Walter at Shadforth Dene circa 1941 (from Allan Fulcher)





                    Allan Fulcher's Mam and cousin Stanley Fulcher, taken at 9 Seventh Street (from Allan)





                    Left to Right:- ?, Sylvia Fulcher, ?, Shiela Fulcher (one of the girls could be Mary Greener (from Allan Fulcher)




                Private Henry Griffiths KIA 10th April at Hill 60 aged 18 years. (Black Watch) (from George Bannister).





                Margot HIcks, daughter of Annie Hicks (from George Bannister)





                Aras and Elsie Baldasera, not sure of the location (Thorley or Shotton) (from Barry Fulcher via cousin Allan)


                 Family photographs from Eddie Cooper (from Eddie via Allan Fulcher)  





                   George Bannisters Great Grandmother Charlotte with daughter Ada and Granddaughter Pearl at 10 Institute Street        





                    Eunice Cooper and Bob Marley wedding in 1956 at Wheatley Hill (5 Photographs)



                    Bob Marley and sons, James on left and David on right



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