Beatrice Evans (nee Hogg) from Australia was instrumental in my construction of this section as she had a couple of poems that she had written that I felt would be appropriate for the website and I didn't have a section which would fit the bill so to speak. Gordon Hogg is the brother of Beatrice and he presently lives in Wingate.

Dying to be there by Beatrice Evans

Dark Knight's by Beatrice Evans

The Village The Flood (Beatrice may have some of the facts a little fuzzy but would appreciate any help)

Memories of the Village (An e-mail from Ann Raimes - nee Pope)

Liddell Terrace Visitor (Ken Davies)

Five Generations in the Village (Ann Elcoat)

Gleanings (Allan Fulcher)

British Pathe News

The following is a link to British Pathe News. You have to search the Pathe Database for Wheatley Hill which will give you the following information. It has a brief video of the Wheatley Hill Banner heading to the Durham Miners Gala in 1935 which can be downloaded for free . I asked Pathe News if I could use the video on the web page but was turned down and only able to supply the link. The choice given is 'SELECT A RESOLUTION' which has 'Free Preview(128 kb/sec)'. This can be downloaded using the selection 'Download Video' and run on any machine. From there you have to fill in some information and proceed to checkout which will be 0. It would have cost me 587.5 to purchase the video for use on the web page so I'm sorry to say that if you would like to see the video then they will have to download the preview free. I have already downloaded the file so if you want a copy please contact me. I also asked for still photographs but they were going to cost me 25 per photograph.

Full title of the video reads: "Miners Big Day. Gala & Demonstration at Durham".

Durham, County Durham.

Miners from Wheatley Hill with banners and band are marching to join the traditional miners' gala in Durham.

Shots of the miners' parade with lots of trades union banners held high with pride.

Crowds of around 100,000 gather on Durham Race Course. Pan across banners.

Shots of miner / labour leader speaking to large crowds.