Dear David my family have lived in the village for about 5 generations starting with my great great grandfather on my mothers side, I have found the site very useful and interesting in my search for information about my family's history. It brings back a lot of memories from my younger days .
My grandfather was first listed on the history site as a shopkeeper in 1910 his name was Edgar Leggett , his son  James Arthur Leggett was also a shop keeper at a later date, I have attached a photograph of James and his family which I hope you can use on the site. It shows James, his wife Catherine, son Edgar, daughters Winnie, Ethel ( my grandmother) Catherine and Amy I am not sure when it was taken but my grandmother was about 14 at the time which was I think about 1922 or there abouts.
Again thank you for the effort you have obviously taken with the site. I have spent many an enjoyable hour sifting through the information on the site.
Mrs Ann Elcoat ( Born in 89 Wordsworth Avenue ) Grandaughter of Francis and Ethel Todd.