Found your web page via friends re-united. My name is Ken Davies and I lived at 30 Liddell Terr until 1953. My brothers name is Brian but alas he passed away a few years ago. I am now 58 and married to a girl you may remember from the youth club days her name was Ann Love, she was a friend of Ethel Urwin.
I used to be friendly with Geordie Wright, Billy Cowan and of course yourself. I moved to Tow Law with my parents when they took over the Workingmans Club as Steward/Stewardess. We only stayed there for a year before moving to another club in Houghton-le-Spring. My mothers friend from W.H. used to work for them as a barmaid - her name was "Tory" Kellett and her daughters name was Enid. My friend is married to Margaret Smith.(They all lived in Liddell Terr)
I now live in Peterlee with my wife and have two children aged 29 and 24 who have both left home.
I was amazed to see that you now live in Philadelphia as Ann and I were only there in May this year. It would have been great to have met up but I guess it wasn't to be. Please write back if you have any recollection of either of us.