I received these photographs from Jack Mawson via Barry Fulcher.

                    Mrs. Anne Fulcher with her children Peter and Kenneth



                    First Shift.....????               





                    Outside Chemist next to Colliery Inn (girl on left is Barbara Dixon from Ludworth) 1960's




                    Group at the Rookery, the Thornley Colliery managers residence



                    George Armstrong and family behind High Street Thornley


                    Unknown girl with baby, Flemings Shop and Bow Street Church in background



                    Outside Chemist Shop next to Colliery Inn


                    Thornley Band at School Square before the Big Meeting 1949


                    Thornley Officials and men collecting for aged miners



                    Thornley Band and union representatives outside Welfare Hall


                     Vesting Day 1st Jan 1947



                    Thornley Sports Day 1960's   



                    Weslyan Chapel Thornley



                    Elsie Errington from Wheatley Hill




                     Thornley Junior Mixed School 1949


                     Thornley Junior Mixed School date unknown



                       Nuttall and Maitland family members



                       Lads at the Allotment



                        Maitland and Mawson familys on their way to Crimdon with their luggage