VILLAGE HISTORY  - the village of Ludworth has been mentioned as far back as the 13th Century. I don't have any history of the village at the moment with the exception of a link to the Durham Mining Museum which has a fair amount of technical information about the mine. The village has been closely associated with Wheatley Hill and Thornley as they were owned by the same coal company at one time and men from each of the villages have worked 'marras' with one another at the pits.

PICTURES OF THE PEOPLE, THE VILLAGE AND THE PIT - pictures of the people, the village and the pit from many sources, just click on the thumbnail picture to see the full size photograph.

THE WAR MEMORIAL  - names of men who fell during the 1st World War and also the 2nd World War.

PEOPLE FROM THE VILLAGE  - individuals from the village who have made a name for themselves in the community.

MAPS OF THE VILLAGE - Maps of the village from different time periods. Received these from Alistair Mills of the 1856, 1897, 1919 and 1939 maps.

CENSUS RETURNS  - Alistair Mills in Canada has kindly given me the census returns for Ludworth which he had extracted from copies available at the Public Records Office. They include the 1851, 1861, 1871, 1881 and the 1891 returns.

OBITUARIES ASSOCIATED WITH LUDWORTH - These are obituaries from The Northern Echo from March 2003 up to the present date. Everyone listed has had some association with Ludworth even though they may not have lived there.


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