I received the following photograph from George Bannister and shows an unknown man from George's photograph album. One photograph is the man in civilian clothes and the other in military uniform. The uniform could be cavalry since he has spurs on his boots. The only way would be to identify the cap badge on the seat close by. Alternatively he could be in the artillery as they used horses. George said that the man has a slight resemblance to his Great Grandfather John Bannister and it could be that this man is a nephew of his as John had a half sister named Mary Jane Wall. Could be a long shot but there could be someone out there that may be able to identify him 


Barry Fulcher sent me the following photograph of Melvin Stanforth who passed away recently. Barry said that Melvin's older brother Jimmy moved away from the village to work in the pits in the South.



The following photograph is of my mothers Uncle Nicholas who used to live at 28 Handel Terrace. He was always working in his garden or in his greenhouse whenever we went to see him. His son was killed at the pit when he was only 14 years old in 1928. His accident report information is on this web site. His daughter Jean still lives in the village.




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