I received the following photograph from Margaret Peacock Hutler via Facebook. The photograph shows Moses Turton and his wife Mary Jane Turton (nee Purvis, married in 1913) taken in their house on the little island across from Liddell Terrace and Stoker Crescent. He moved down to the Aged Miners Homes shortly after this photograph was taken. Moses was well known in the village as a watch and clock repairer, a few of his clever attributes. He had a large allotment behind the Soldiers and Sailors Club adjacent to the School kitchen building. My father told me that Moses had chickens in a chicken coop and fixed up a timer that opened the doors to the chicken coop first thing in the morning so he didn't have to go down to the allotment to let them out. He was a quiet unassuming person and very well liked in the village. I knew him in passing and from the remarks that my Dad made about him....all positive.


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