Personal Websites Associated with Wheatley Hill and Thornley

Journal of Thomas W. Russell, A Transcription                                                                                                       A great site giving details of everyday life in the village as well as aspects of the coalmine at that time, written in the vernacular of the day with all the pitmatic terminology. From Robert C. Kramp a decendant of Thomas in America.                                                  

Web Page of John Parsons (From Wheatley Hill)

Web page of Eddie Worthington ( Born in Thornley but Dad from Wheatley Hill)

Web page of George Graham (Living in Tulsa, Oklahoma - ancestors from Wheatley Hill)

Web page of Family of Alice Prentice

Web page of th Coxon family

Web page of John Chew Robinson

Web page of Harriman family

Web page of George Graham (Living in Tulsa, Oklahoma - ancestors from Wheatley Hill)

Web page of Wanless family

Web page of John Calvert Brown

Web page of John Pringle Purvis

Web page of Cook family

Web page of Mary Gillens


Other Websites from Wheatley Hill and Thornley

The Mothers Club in Wheatley Hill

Web page of Ian Worthington, admistrator for the Thornley History Web Page

The Wheatley Hill History Club

Wingate Quarry Nature Reserve

Cemetery Records for Wheatley Hill (Part of the Cemetery Transcription Library)

Heritage Centre Web page

Thornley Workmens' Club


Websites Associated with Durham Local History Societies

Bearpark –

Blackhall –

Bowes –

Brandon and Byshottles –

Dalton-le-Dale –

Derwentside Local History –

Ferryhill –

Gaunless Valley –

Tow Law & District History Society –

Ushaw Moor –

West Auckland –

Witton Park –

Woodland –

Websites Associated with Durham History

History of Yorkshire and North East England by David Simpson.

Seaham Super Index by Tony Whitehead

The North East of England Official Website    This site has some great old pictures of the North East but unfortunately only one of Wheatley Hill. It shows Church Street and has it shown as Front Street. Even though it only has one picture of Wheatley Hill it is still worth a visit.                                                                              

Web page of Picture in Print from County Durham from Durham University Library

Websites of History Organizations both Government and Private

Durham County Records Office –

Genuki –

Family Records –

County Durham Genealogy Research –

1881 Census –

Family History Database –

Family History Society –

Public Record Office –

St Catherine's Index –

1901 Census –

Family Tree Magazine –

Cleveland North Yorkshire & South Durham Family History Society -

Mining Websites

Coal Mining Links around the world                                                               This site has links to coal mining around the world for those people looking for more information about coal mining and its impact on various countries including Britain.                                                                                        

Coal Mining History Resource Centre                   

This site has lots of information on coal mining for everyone including a national database of mining deaths.

The Durham Mining Museum, Durham                   

This site has lots of information on coal mining in County Durham which includes names of people that were killed at each pit. Great information site.

Pitwork –

National Coal Mining Museum –

Nenthead Mines (North Pennines) –

Coal Mining History Resource Centre –

Mine Rescue Website –

Collieries of Northumberland & Durham –

Coal Mining Research Services –

General Historical Websites

Old Maps –

Working Class Movement Library

Your Memories –

Historical Manuscripts Commission –

Access to Archives –