Copy of the Wheatley Hill (Wingate Lane) No. 164 Clearance Order 1961 as confirmed without modification by the Minister of Housing and Local Government on the tenth day of October, 1961.






WHEREAS by a resolution passed on the Fifth of January, 1961 the Rural District Council of Easington (hereinafter referred to as “the Council”) declared a certain area which they had duly caused to be defined on a map to be a Clearance Area;


AND WHEREAS by a resolution passed on the Second day of March, 1961, the Council determined to order the demolition of the buildings hereinafter referred to which are situated within the said clearance area;


NOW THEREFORE the Council in pursuance of their powers under section 44 of the Housing Act, 1957, hereby order the following:-


1.                          The buildings specified in the Schedule hereto and delineated and shown coloured pink on the map marked “Map referred to in the Wheatley Hill (Wingate Lane) No. 164 Clearance Order, 1961”, sealed with the common seal of the Council and deposited at the offices of the Council shall be demolished.


2.                          For the purposes of demolition each such building shall be vacated on or before the expiration of he period specified in the sixth column of the Schedule hereto opposite the number and description of that building in columns 1 and 2.



3.                          This Order may be cited as the Wheatley Hill (Wingate Lane) No. 164 Clearance Order, 1961.





Reference Numbers on Map

Description of buildings

Owners or reputed owners

Lessees or reputed lessees

Occupiers (except tenants for a month or less)

Period from the date when the Order became operative within which the building is to be vacated








Dwelling House, 2, Wingate Lane

Exors. of the late M.White, Mr. W.Potts, 6 Gowland Tce, Wheatley Hill, Durham and Mr. J.White, 1 Greenhills Tce., Wheatley Hill, Durham

George E. Goynes

Twelve Months


Dwelling House, 3, Wingate Lane

Exors. of the late M.White, Mr. W.Potts, 6 Gowland Tce, Wheatley Hill, Durham and Mr. J.White, 1 Greenhills Tce., Wheatley Hill, Durham

Hannah E. Truscott

Twelve Months


Dwelling House, 4, Wingate Lane

Mr. R. Ward (Occupier)

Ronald Ward

Twelve Months


Dwelling House, 5, Wingate Lane

Mrs. M.E. Stockdale (Occupier)

Margaret E. Stockdale

Twelve Months


Dwelling House, 6, Wingate Lane

Mrs. B. Elliott, 37 Bylands St., Middlesbrough, Yorks.

William Law

Twelve Months


Dwelling House, 7, Wingate Lane

Mr. J.M.C. Evans, 121 Bruce Glasier Tce., Shotton, Co. Durham

Joseph Evans

Twelve Months


Dwelling House, 8, Wingate Lane

Mrs. B. Eilbeck, 10 Seventh St. Wheatley Hill, Durham

Donald Eilbeck

Twelve Months


Dwelling House, 9, Wingate Lane

Mr.G.R.Winter (Occupier)

George R. Winter

Twelve Months


Dwelling House, 10, Wingate Lane

Mr.N. Fletcher (Occupier)

Norman Fletcher

Twelve Months


Dwelling House, 12, Wingate Lane

Trustees for the Devisees of T. Wilkinson (Dod) Per C.G. Dobson, 70 Lowson St. Darlington

Lessees:- National Coal Board, No.3 Area, Durham Division, The Castle, Castle Eden.

Frank R.Heale

Twelve Months


Dwelling House, 13, Wingate Lane

Devisees of the late Wilkinson Estates: Acting Trustees: Major A.C.F. Drew?-Wilkinson, Fairfield, Winterbourne Earls, Nr. Salisbury.

Agent:- Mr. C.G. Dobson, 70 Lowson St., Darlington

Bertie Ward

Twelve Months


Dwelling House, 14, Wingate Lane

Mr.G. Ford (Occupier)

George Ford

Twelve Months


Dwelling House, 15, Wingate Lane

Mr. T. H. Atherton (Occupier)

Thomas R. Atherton

Twelve Months


Dwelling House, 16, Wingate Lane

Mr. M. & Mrs. F.B. Hood (Occupiers)

Matthew Hood

Twelve Months


Dwelling House, 17, Wingate Lane

Mr. J. Richardson, 40 Jack Lawson Tce., Wheatley Hill, Durham and Mr. R.W.Robson (Occupier)

Richard W. Robson

Twelve Months


Dwelling House, 18, Wingate Lane

Mr. W. Parkin, Store House, Front St., Wheatley Hill, Durham

Keith Harrison

Twelve Months


Dwelling House, 19, Wingate Lane

Messrs. Bradley & Carter, C/O Mr. G. Bradley, 6 Nelson St., Thornley, Durham

George Pace

Twelve Months


Dwelling House, 20, Wingate Lane

Mrs. M.A. Gregory (Occupier)

Margaret A.Gregory

Twelve Months