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                A Wheatley Hill Pit Token




I received some new photographs of the pit from Roy Lambeth who received them from Billy Middleton. Billy had given Roy some negatives of photographs that were taken by the late Bert Henderson who was a member of the Wheatley Hill Camera Club. When Bert died he passed them onto fellow member Cyril Oswald who died recently. They are very good photographs and thankfully these Camera Club members have shared them with all of us....thank you.


I received the above recently from Allan Fulcher.


                        Colliery approximately 1890



                        Colliery - no know date



                         Colliery approximately 1910



                        Colliery approximately 1950





                        Colliery after pit closed in 1968




                        Colliery - no know date




                    Colliery looking East from Shop and Institute Streets



                    Colliery looking East towards the Baths





                    Colliery looking East towards the Baths (Colourized by Tony Bean)





                    Colliery Aerial Flights for Pit Heaps



                    Colliery looking East along the line