John Orchard asked me about some of his classmates such as Bobby Vincent, Revely Patterson...where are they now???

Primary School Students from Friends Reunite Web page

Secondary School Students from Friends Reunite Web page

Some of the lads that I went to school with are David Metcalfe and Malcolm Foster are in Australia.

Robert Ryan an electrician at Wheatley Hill Pit and who used to play in the Colliery Band is in Maine, USA.

Alistair Mill is in Canada.

Don Armstrong is in New Zealand.

John Bradshaw in Sherburn Village.

John Tulley in Leicester.

Charlie Hargreaves in Silksworth.

Ron Syson in Australia.

Melvin Humes in Canada.

Greg Wharrier in Thornley.

Margaret Powell in Thornley.

Dorothy Powell in Wheatley Hill.

Ray Peacock in Wheatley Hill.

Elizabeth Eddy in Fishburn (Elizabeth's biography)

John Orchard in Croydon (John's biography)

Tom Armstrong in Sunderland


To name only a few.