Thornley Colliery Civil Defence Team




                Ken, Joe and John  Harvey going to Band room for boxing practice




                Thornley Screen workers 1954



                 Ken Harvey





                    Thornley Infants School Class 1



                   Thornley Boys 1920  



                    Thornley Junior School Football team 1956-57 winners of Baldasera Cup



                   Thornley Infants School 1954  



                    Thornley Junior School 1957



                    The Crawfords at Butlins



                    Amy Fulcher at Confirmation Day...circa 1950's



                    Thornley Choral Society 1949 - 50



                    Margaret Holmes and Friend at Durham Ice Rink





                    Thornley Infants Class 4 circa 1949



                    Thornley Colliery Civil Defence Team



                    Thornley Colliery Civil Defence Team




                    Dave Gott on left(had the butchers shop near Coopers Close) - from George Fulcher via Allan  Fulcher


                    Mr and Mrs Watson who lived in Morris Crescent - from George Fulcher via Allan Fulcher




                    Methodist Church Play?



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