Granddad Dunnett's (Ludworth) 80th Birthday Party




                   Thornley Infants - Jean Orton 2nd row from front and 3rd from right        



                    Ken's Uncle John Orton (emigrated to Australia in the 1950') with unknown man



                    Ken's Dad Joe Orton on 15th Dec 1942 when he was in the RAF during WWII





                    Ken's Mam Esther Dunnett on guard duty in the ATS during WWII






                    Ken's Mam Ester Dunnett with friend Kath Shobrook(married) name in ATS






                      Jane Ann(Jenny) Orton holding Eileen Pamela Orton circa 1934







                       Ken's Grandparents George Edward and Annie Louisa Orton with 1st child Irene Louisa Orton







                       Jane Ann Elrington, Ken's Aunt holding her baby Irene in Esh Winning







                        Ken's Grandmother Annie Louisa Orton (Gill)  holding her granddaughter Irene in Esh Winning





                       Gill/Orton Family at the seaside



                       Jane Ann Orton and Joseph Elrington on the occasion of their engagement in the 1940's




                        Joe and Audrey Dunnett at Alnwick Castle Sunday 29th April 1990