Ken's Dad with Tom and Ken 1950



                        Ken and Tom with sister Kathleen outside the lavatory door




                        Ken and Tom 1949




                        Ken and Tom 1950



                        Ken in back garden 1948   





                        Ken in front garden 1961





                        Ken and Tom at the Baldasera's ice cream cart 1951(cart driven by Uncle Joe Dunnett)




                       Ken in back field circa 1966 (Brasse's Farm in background to the left)




                        Ken in 1947





                        Ken Thornley Infants School photograph circa 1953/54





                        Ken sister Jean's wedding reception at the Catholic Club 1972 to Johnny Tomys



                        Ken at 2 St. Cuthbert Road, Thornley before sister Jean's wedding




                         Olive (nee Sheavalls) and Chris Dunnett at Seaton Carew



                        Four Bairns at 72 Thornlaw North, Thornley


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