Title                                             Volumes                               Author

History of Durham                                            3                                              W. Hutchinson.


History of Durham                                            Hartlepool Section                    R.Surtees.


Richardson’s Table Books                                5                                              Richardson.


Richardson’s Legendary Section                       3                                              Richardson.


Local Records                                                  1 & 2                                       Sykes.


Local Records                                                  3 & 4                                       Fordyce.


History of Durham                                            2                                              Fordyce.


Local Records                                                  1                                              Latimer.


History of Hartlepool with                                 1                                  Reprint of C. Sharp’s History

Supplemental History                                                                            Supplement by J. Proctor.        


Monuments of County Durham             1                                  Newcastle-on-Tyne

                                                                                                            Record Series.


Greenwell’s Deeds                                           1                                  Archaevlogia Aelliana

                                                                                                            4th Series.


History of Northumberland and             1                                  Richard Fynes.

Durham Miners


History of Durham Miners Association  1                                  John Wilson.


Short History of Kelloe Church             1                                  W. Charles Geeson.

and District


Building of County Durham                               1                                  Penguin Series.


The Martyrs of Durham                                    1                                  J.A. Myerscough S.J.


Industrial Resources of Tyne,    Wear                1                                  Sir W.G.Armstrong (Ed.)

and Tees


History and Directory of Durham 1856 1                                  Whilan & Co.


Kelly’s Directory of Durham                             1                                  Published by Kelly.


Guide to Heraldry                                             1                                  A.C. Fox Davies.


Manual of Heraldry                                           1                                  Pub. Grant.


Place Names of Durham (1916)                        1                                  Charles Jackson.


City of Durham Section                         1                                  Surtees.


Parish Records


Colliery Records


Thornley Women’s Institute


Information gathered by enquiries in the district.