Allan Fulcher sent me these photographs that he received from Thomas Rayner in Ludworth.


            Tucker Rayner and son Thomas





                         Mr. & Mrs Hughes, Mr. & Mrs. Winter with Tucker Rayner



                         Ludworth Men on holiday



                           Tucker Rayner and Friends



                           Tucker Rayner, on left with freinds in a Ludworth pub



                            Tucker and Cilla Rayner






                            Tom Coxon Pub Landlord



                            Thomas Rayner, Les Winter, Albert Winter




                            Thomas Rayner and Walter Gradon



                            Thomas Rayner and JimHodgen






                            Thomas & Lawrence Rayner



                            Polly Smith, Thomas & Lawrence Rayner





                            TMr. & Mrs. Winter and Cilla Rayner



                             Mr. & Mrs. Sid Youll




                            L/R Mr. Winter, Cilla Rayner, Mrs. Winter, Tucker Rayner, Albie Winter, Sarah Hughff taken in   a Ludworth Pub




                        Laurie & Francis Ingram



                        Cilla Rayner & Friends



                          Cilla Rayner, Bella Smith, Thomas Rayner





                            Bella Smith & Lawrence Rayner





                            Cilla Rayner and Jenny Peachey



                        Lads from Ludworth on holiday at Butlins



                        Ludworth Club Members taken in the 1970's



                        Ludworth lads at wedding



                        Ladies night out at Ludworth Club



                        Albert Winters Wedding



                        Ludworth lads at a wedding reception in the Comrades Club, Shotton Colliery



                        Lads outside the Ludworth Club



                         Tucker and Thomas Rayner outside Ludworth Club



                         Lawrence Rayner and Albert Winter





                         Night out with the lads at Ludworth Club 1970's