The following are thumbnail photographs of the people in the village including school photographs. Just digitize the photograph for a larger copy.

                    Infants School 1949



                    Ludworth Net Ball Team 1958



                    Net Ball Championship Team 1955-1956



                    Bill and Bertha Cowan



                    Junior School Class 1 Festival of Britain Trip 1951



                    Football Team 1919



                    Football Team 1920



                    Jennifer Cowan 1958-59





                    Junior School School 1949



                    Wedding of Luvat and Audry Raine



                    Trip to Blackpool



                    The Miller Family on a family outing to Blackpool






                    Wedding of Nellie Briggs and Tom Spensley



                     Wedding of Doris Reed to Raymond Briggs 23rd Sept 1950



                    Infants School 1949 ( teacher - Mrs. Walton)


                    Tom and Nellie Briggs on their Golden Wedding Anniversary



                    Tommy Briggs



Winter Sisters (Mary on left married into the Miller family and Sadie on right married into the Briggs family




                     Ludworth Sinkers 1900






                     Ludworth Playground 1964 with Colliery in background





                    Ludworth Playground 1964 with Colliery Shops and Chapel  in background





                    Ludworth Middle House with M. Stockdale & Mrs. Dawson



                    Ludworth-1932 N.Grainger & R.Redfern





                    Ludworth Front Street - Hunters Van



                   Violet Maitland's Wedding 



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