Marion Briggs sent the following photographs of her father and family to Allan Fulcher for the web page.


                John Briggs





                John's Shop in Usher Street Ludworth

                (John had the house built in 1952/3 and was named 'Holmlea')


                 Florence Briggs in the Shop



                 Wedding of John and Florence

                (John's brother Steve was Best Man and their sister Ella  as Bridesmaid)


                John and Steve Briggs





                A bad Snowstorm in the 50's

                (The photo shows Irene & Colin Stoves and John in the background)



                Christmas Annuals in the shop

                (Marion, Johns daughter remembers sneaking a look at the annuals when they were in the store cupboard. Bryan ( Marion's brother ) and her were only allowed one comic a week. Marion chose The School Friend and Bryan had the Knockout but they somehow managed to look at them all.)


                 Trophies in the shop

                  (Marion thinks the Trophies may have been for the Ludworth Football Club or for the Sports day)


                Four Generations

                (The photo shows Grandad Briggs and his eldest son George. George's eldest son Jackie and Jackie's eldest son George)


                Grandad Egdell and Bryan Briggs

                (Grandad Egdell was John's father-in-law)


                Grandad and Marion's cousins

                (Grandad with Marion's cousins Tom Sunley, Dorothy and Terry Briggs Marion is sitting on her Grandad's knee)


                Garden Cement

                (After Marion's Dad had the house built he had part of the garden cemented, the photo shows her uncle Norman with a friend doing the work. The houses behind are part of Barnard Avenue)