William Graham 1868 - 1920

                      William was born on 18 July 1868, the son of George Graham and Jane Robson, in the Village of Shotton Colliery. He resided at 14 Percey Street in the Village of Wheatley Hill on 3 April 1881. He was 21 years old, and a Colliery Fireman, living in Station Town, when he married Jane Harrison, age 20, on 23 December 1889. Station Town is a village, 2 miles south of Shotton, in Durham County. He was a Colliery Brakesman in 1903, and a Colliery Engineman in 1906. William was 51 years old, and resided at 33 Cotsford Lane, Horden, when he died on 15 January 1920. The cause of death was listed as Gastritis, and Syncope. His occupation was Colliery Winding Engineman (above ground).



Jane Harrison 1869 - 1942

                      Jane was born on 5 June 1869, the daughter of Leonard Harrison and Ellen Bewick, nee Crossgrove, in Wheatley Hill, Wingate. At age 18, she gave birth to a child, Margaret Ellen. She was 20 years old, and still living in the village of Wheatley Hill, when she married William                Graham on 23 December 1889. Wheatley Hill is a colliery village, just outside the town of Wingate, 8 miles south east of Durham. The marriage was performed by Rev. John S. Robinson, in the Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, in the town of Haswell, which is 4 miles north west of Horden. Jane was 73 years old, and resided at 70 West Street, Blackhall Colliery, when she died on 14 April 1942. The cause of death was listed as Cerebral Thrombosis. Jane is shown seated on the right in this undated picture.


Tudge 1881 census by Area


This table contains the Tudge entries in the 1881 census. The list has been sorted by area. All

the information has been compiled by Jeff and Anita Tudge



Forename                         Benjamin                                 John K

Age                        8                                                                      5

Sex                         M                                                                     M

Relationship                         Son                                                                  Son

to Head



CO                         DUR                                                                DUR

Parish                         Hutton Hen+                         Hutton Hen+

Occupation     Scholar                                    Scholar

Name of Head                        Benjamine TUDGE                         Benjamin TUDGE

CO                         DUR                        DUR

Parish                         Wheatley Hil                           Wheatley Hill l




332  Archer, Thomas 38y; male; married; Miner; can read/write; Cit: England; English

     race; Last Perm. Residence: England, Wheatley Hill; Relative from Whence Came:

     Wife, Mrs. Archer, Ford St, Wheatley Hill; Final Dest: Ill-Benton; no ticket;

     pd by self; $110; in US before-no; Joining Friend: Wm. O. Bird, Box 683,

     Benton, Ill; in prison-no; polygamist-no; anarchist-no; promise of labor-no;

     health-good; deformed/crippled-no; 5'2" tall; dark complex; brown hair (no eye

     color recorded); no marks; Born: England, Pensilva.



27 Apr 00 - Don Armstrong <>, Waiuku, New



                 Hi, what a great site. I didn't know there were so many Prentices around. My

                 mothers name was Mary Alice Prentice, born in Wheatley Hill, County Durham,

                 England. I will be doing some family history research in the near future,

                 (currently concentrating on the Armstrongs), and will no doubt be posting a

                 some queries then.



                         jojo O'Neill

               E-mail address:


              Home County (if


                         Wheatley Hill durham england (NE)

           Comments: my father is John Hugh O'Neill and his father is called

           Richard Bernard O'Neill (orig from County Cork) Mother is called

           Elizabeth Margaret O'Neill (form Cockburn) We would like anybody who

           is related to any of these people to e- mail us as we would like to

           research our family tree. P.S great website keep it going!!!!


                           Friday May 19th 2000 09:19:31


    CAMBELL, Elizabeth b.1876 - Hetton Downs

    CAMBELL, Matthew b.1855 - Pelton Fell

    CAMBELL, William b.1880 - Wheatley Hill




         Location: Clearwater, Florida USA

         Date: Saturday, February 7, 1998 at 20:38:42



             hello, I am doing family research & hope that someone can help direct me to

             family that is possibly still there. My great grand parents list this in their

             petition for naturalization as where they hail from; they are: Jonathan Brough,

             Coalminer, 4 sunderland St., Wheatley Hill, his father, John Brough, Coalminer

             Gertrude Annie Maltman, same address, Alexander Maltman, shipyard

             labourer, the general details include: Oakinshaw, Durham Co, England &

             Hazel Dena, England from England, they went to Glasgow, shipped out on a

             British ship called Cassandra that made port in Virginia, made their way to

             Canada, and back down to Indiana, USA and that is where they lived, settled

             and died. I've already been to Oxford, England, 10 years back, and if I'd only

             known what I know now..well, I'd have made different arrangements. Please

             help me in my research. Thanks very much & am looking forward to my next

             visit to Durham, England Belinda


    MURPHY, James b.1852 - Tow Law, Durham

    MURPHY, Jane -

    MURPHY, Margaret E. b.1878 - Coxhoe, Durham

    MURPHY, Mary Emma b.1880 - Wheatley Hill, Durham

    MURPHY, O N -

    MURPHY, Sarah J. b.1871 - Coxhoe, Durham



                      18th April 1885 at Easington Village Register Office.


                 John Pringle Purvis at age 21 married Elizabeth Halliday at age 18 at

                 Easington Village Register Office on the 18th April 1885 and their

                            marriage produced nine children.

                 John was a Coal Miner in 1885 and he lived at 73, Brickgarth Hetton

               Lyons, County Durham. During his married life he was a Gamekeeper for

                  the Elemore Hall Estate and later worked on sinking the shaft at

                 Wheatley Hill Colliery, County Durham. Elizabeth Halliday was the

               daughter of George Halliday who was a Brakesman at one of the Seaham


               John Pringle was the son of John Purvis and Janet Pringle John had three

               sisters Margaret : Mary Stewart and Janet and two brothers. Thomas and

                                 William Alexander


               John Pringle : William : Benjamin : Frank : Jane Robson : Thomas : James

                                  : Sarah : Janet





               Frank was born on the 6th of august 1925 at Wheatley Hill, Co. Durham.

                He was the son of John Pringle and Elizabeth Halliday. Frank had five

                brothers and three sisters. John Pringle : William : Benjamin : Thomas :

                          James : Jane Robson : Sarah : and Janet


                Hannah was born at Thornley, Co. Durham and was baptised 1st. July

               1906 at St. Bartholemews Church, Thornley, Co. Durham. She died 1995

                           at Easington Colliery, Co. Durham.


                                 Frank and Robert

George MILLS

    Father: Abraham James MILLS

    Mother: Hannah HARDY

    Partnership with: Caroline GELDART

        Child: George MILLS

        Child: Mary Jane MILLS

        Child: John MILLS

        Child: James MILLS

        Child: Hannah MILLS Birth: Private, Wheatley Hill, Co.Durham

        Child: Stanley MILLS

    Partnership with: Hannah MILLS

    Marriage: 6 Apr 1940, THORNLEY BOW ST, CO DURHAM, ENGLAND

        Child: Colin BUTTERFIELD Birth: Private, #6 First Street Wheatley Hill, Co.Durham

        Child: Sheena Ann BUTTERFIELD Birth: Private, Wheatley Hill, Co.Durham

Freeman's Journal

                             August 31, 1917





RICHARDSON, 41466, J., Wheatley Hill;


593  Ivison, Peter 35y; male; married; Miner; can read/write; Cit: England; English

     race; Last Perm Residence: England, Fencehouses; Relative from Whence Came:

     Wife: Mrs. Ivison, Fencehouses, Co. Durham; Final Dest: Ill-Farmington; has

     ticket; pd by self; $ (unclear); in US before-yes, 1906, Monongahela City (PA?);

     Joining Friend: (See Pass. 593); in prison-no; polygamist-no; anarchist-no;

     promise of labor-no; health-good; deformed/crippled-no; 5'6" tall; Dark complex;

     Dark hair, brown eyes; no marks; Born: England, Wheatley Hill, Durham. (See

     Pass. 665).