The Baldasera Family

I received these photographs from Allan Fulcher's cousin Margaret (via Allan) who married Fred Baldasera. There are more below from Trish Young, Angelo's Great Grandaughter.

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The Baldasera Cup



Angelo Baldasera (Information on the 1901 Census shows that he was a Servant or an Organ Grinder.



Fred Baldasera and Winnie Hart


Joe Baldasera and Sister Rosalina



Top Row L/R Mary, Thomas, Elsie & Michael ( Wife and son of Aras ) Joe, Aras.


Bottom Row L/R Rosalina, Angelo, David ( Son of Mary ) Rosario, Mary ( Daughter of Peter ).



This photograph was taken at the funeral of Angelo who died in Nov 1950 aged 74. 

The photograph shows:-


Top Row L/R Danny Jnr, Albert, ? ,Aras, Peter & Mary, Danny Snr, Fred ( Son of Sabadino ) ? not related.
Bottom Row. L/R Sabadino, Thomas, Michael ( Son of Aras ), Fred, Angelo Jnr ( Son of Peter ).

Top L/R Peter. Danny. ? Aras.
Bottom L/R  Albert. Fred. Mary. Thomas. Joe.


Angelos first wife Erminia Verginia Maria died 1914 aged 30.
Family: Peter, Danny, Sabadino, Mary.
Angelo's second wife Rosario died Dec 1963 aged 74.
Family: Aras, Albert, Fred, Thomas, Joe, Rosalina.


I received the following photographs from Trish Young who is Angelo's Great Granddaughter, her grandfather being Peter and her Dad Angelo.

This is of Great Granddad Angelo and Erminia with their first 3 sons and there were many to come. Young toddler on the left is my Granddad Peter

(Pietro) who used to own a green grocers shop in Thornley for a short while in the 20's/30's. The young toddler in the middle is my great uncle Danny, who used to own a confectioners/cafe in Shotton. And the baby is my great uncle Sabadino who used to own a shop in Thornley...I think on the bottom corner of Thornlaw North




The family photo is of my Great Grandad Angelo (2nd from right, front row) and his family on his wedding day circa 1902. His wife next to him was called Erminia.Angelo. Angelo was an orphan so the individuals on the photo could be relatives of the bride.

This photo was taken not long after they had arrived in the North East from Sora in southern Italy. The intention was to go to America...but somehow the bulk of the family settled in the north of England with only a smattering carrying on to America.



This is Trish's Dad Angelo taken in the mid 1950's

This is Trish's Dad Angelo taken in the mid 1950's

This is Trish's Dad Angelo taken in the mid 1950's

Angelo and second wife Rosario.

The Brothers photo above is of my Granddad Peter on the right, great uncle Danny on the left but I'm not sure who the little chap in the middle is...could be uncle Sab.

This photo is of my Granddad Peter with his dad Angelo on Wheatley Hill Front Street.



View of gravestone for Angelo and his wife.


I received the following photograph of Anne Baldasera from Linda Hall via Allan Fulcher. Ann was the daughter of Albert Baldasera.

I received the following from Barry Fulcher who received it from Jack Mawson of Thornley. It shows Fredy Baldasera and family on Holiday.